Are Walnut Eagles Walt Disney like BIG DREAMERS?  Indeed! They are Disney like BIG DREAMERS and DOERS. Believe it! That was unmistakable from their Dream Big Day class boards. The Eagles dream big. How big? Disney big. Steve Jobs big. Hilary Clinton big. Elon Musk big. You get the idea. BIG!


As a part of their Sammy Rabbit Dream Big Day Experience, each class at Walnut Elementary School in Baldwin Park Unified School District constructed its own board of dreams. The Dream Big boards were comprised of students dreams, art work, crafts, inspirational sayings, pictures, etc. The boards and dreams were then displayed within classrooms for all to see.

Walnut Elementary teaches its students to establish high expectations. Building that mindset and culture starts from on the first day of school. Every student is instructed on the importance of graduating from college. Classes adopt colleges and display pennants from their chosen university, inside and outside the classroom.


This sends a strong message to students, teachers, administrators, parents and visitors – higher education is the ultimate goal. It’s crystal clear. It’s purposeful. It permeates the culture.db-saying-buildabrighterfuture

With that purpose in mind, Walnut Elementary educators and administrators prepare learners to go for the gold. They encourage students to set their sights on achieving at the highest levels. They want their Eagles “soaring to success,” the school’s motto. It is inspiring. And, it was an honor to witness the pride, professionalism and leadership Walnut teachers and administration exhibited first hand.


That professionalism was reflected in the diversity of students dreams and displays. Big dreams came in English and Spanish. They were beautiful in both languages! They came in all colors, shapes and sizes. And, they came in a wide array of professions.db-bp-walnut-dbwall-atrevete-sammy

Students shared dreams and cited goals of being doctors, engineers, teachers, veterinarians, chefs, business owners, athletes, performing artists, etc.


Students communicated they understand if they want to make their big dreams come true, they have to take action now. There is no time to waste. One Dream Big Day poster demonstrated the imperative for urgent action. It stated, “You are off to great places. Your big dreams are waiting, so get on your way!db-bp-walnut-dbwall-todayisyourday

It perfectly reflected one of Sammy Rabbit’s core beliefs expressed in his signature song GET in the HABIT, “You can do it, now let’s get to it!” It was a song all the students sang as a part of their Dream Big Day Experience.

Other Dream Big Day boards shared messages like:

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” -Walt Disney


“Our dreams will carry us far!”


“Dream Big. Sueno en Grande! No Limits! No hay limites!”


Some Dream Big Day boards displayed Dream Big Pledges signed by students promising to get in the habits of reading and saving money starting today.


Naturally, one of our favorite Dream Big boards showcased Sammy Rabbit!


Go Eagles! Soar to success. “Dream and do big, one step at a time!” -Sammy Rabbit

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