Get in the habit is a song everyone loves, regardless of whether you’re a child or parent. As Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell might say the song is infectious! It is sticky!

Judge for yourself. Take a listen to Rafaella Nepales sensational “lyric video” version of the song seen above and you will understand why, when parents, teachers, or financial education trainers ask me for only one resource to teach a child about saving money and inspire them to save money, the answer is always the same – Get in the Habit!

The two and one half minute toe tapping tune teaches children the following money lessons:

1. Get in the habit of saving money all the time, just like Sammy Rabbit

2. It is something they can do and should get right to

3. From every dollar, save a dime

4. It is not funny, when you don’t have or save money

5. When you get in the habit of saving, you can watch your money grow and grow and grow.



Parents, teachers and financial education trainers may want to share with kids that the lyrics from every dollar save a dime means:

1. They should minimally make a habit of saving one dime from every dollar they earn or receive

2. This means they still have nine out of ten dimes remaining for smart spending, giving, and investing.

And here is some excellent news. Get in the Habit is a song that is easy to teach children. They will pick up on the lyrics immediately. Take a look at this video of Miss Mankato, Kelsey Malecha, teaching first graders the song in Minnesota.

As you can see from the video above and the picture below children love singing and interacting with the money song. Below kids are indicating you can watch your money grow and grow and grow.


Get in the Habit is one reason the Dove Foundation awarded Sammy songs its highest rating 5 Doves. It is song number two of twelve in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Song Collection.


If you are seeking an uplifting, easy, and engaging strategy to educate children on great money habits, like saving money, Get in the Habit is your answer! And with empowering lyrics like “you can do it,” it also builds kids confidence.