Great Money Habits Make Big Dream Come True! Series Intro
There is a strong connection and lots of overlap between the habits and skills required to make big dreams come true and to manage money effectively – discipline, delayed gratification, confidence, goal setting, choice making, planning, preparation, positioning, perseverance, measuring outcomes, and strategy adjustment.

One key to to teaching kids how to make big dreams come true and great money habits is to start early. Did you know learning begins in the womb and many adult money habits are set by age 7? Research indicates both are true. The early years in life are “high impact” – prime learning years with lifelong implications. When you combine this knowledge with statistics on television viewing, exposure to advertising, language skills and the cultural de-emphasis of saving money, it makes teaching kids great money habits early crucial, particularly if a parent wants to provide their child every opportunity and advantage to make their big dreams come true.

Admittedly, teaching kids great money habits early is a challenging task, but it’s one “It’s a Habit” and Sammy Rabbit are dedicated to. Our fifteen years of field experience indicates coupling the teaching of great money habits with making big dreams come true is an effective way to engage audiences of all ages on a sustained basis.

To kick off our commitment, children’a author, songwriter and financial educator, Sam X Renick is publishing a series of blogs titled – Great Money Habits Make Big Dreams Come True. The series is intended to stimulate thought, create awareness, and provide tips to those who want to champion the issue. The Series will also offer “free” resources from “It’s a Habit’s” new Dream Big Day early age financial education program. We hope you enjoy the series and it provides you great value.

Let’s learn, dream big, practice great money habits and make a difference together. Kids and families are counting on us to show them the way!

FREE Resources
Find more information and FREE resources on the featured karaoke video, Show My Family the Way, at the following links in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Day Resource Center:
Vocabulary building activities

About Sam X Renick
Sam X Renick is an award winning author, financial educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the It’s a Habit Company, Inc., and co creator of children storybook character, Sammy Rabbit, and creator of Sammy’s Dream Big Day Experience. Sam has read to more than a quarter million children in 8 countries and nearly 40 states.