When fathers and sons and mothers and daughters dream big it can be powerful! Ask Loyola Marymount University (LMU) MBA student and entrepreneur Taylor Walker. He has a father – son big dream. Taylor’s big dream is to use a board game his father Lawrence conceived, EARTH ENCOUNTERS, to kickstartĀ “meaningful” conversation among family members, friends, and all those concerned about the fate of the earth.

Amazingly this big dream began over twenty years ago. That is when Lawrence, the former IBM and Xerox employee, first birthed the concept and started crafting pieces for the game. For years, he steadily refined and perfected Earth Encounters. Then, Taylor caught the bug while in high school. He became engrossed with the game playing it as often as he could. It ignited his vision for Earth Encounters as “The Board Game that Saves Earth!”


That is right. The game’s purpose extends beyond fun which makes it a strong fit for classrooms and teachers. Earth Encounters is an ANTI TRIVIA game. The game was purposefully designed to be completely void of trivia. Taylor and the Walker family goal with Earth Encounters is that after playing, people will feel great about the time they spent. “We want people to end up with a fresh perspective on life, a deeper understanding of the past and a positive outlook on the future,” said Taylor.

According to LMU professor and Director of the Fred Kiesner Center for Entrepreneurship, Dr. David Choi, “Earth Encounters is not a game, but a cause. It is not a business, but a mission.” Apparently, others agree and believe the cause is worth spreading. Taylor expects USA Today to publish a story on Earth Encounters any day now. (UPDATE: USA Today published its article 3/25/15: Earth Encounters game blasts off to change the world!)

BE CERTAIN to check out Taylor’s KICKSTARTER campaign and journey to save the earth!

I LOVE Taylor and his father’s big dream! Why? Because, essentially through Sammy Rabbit ,I too am working on a father-son-family big dream. Family dreams can be a beautiful thing and serve as powerful motivation to persevere through the difficult challenges all entrepreneurs must face. GO TAYLOR! GO WALKER FAMILY!

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