3 Reasons to Focus on Habits!
Teach kids great money habits early and they will optimize their chances of leading rewarding and gratifying lives. Developing great money habits also positions children to  make their big dreams come true.

So, when teaching kids great money habits and to dream big, place special emphasis on the word “habit!” Why? Habits are powerful! Here are three examples of how habits are powerful.

(1) Habits don’t discriminate. Anyone can choose to adopt great habits as a strategy to transform and elevate their lives, like saving money, reading, writing, walking, goal setting, planning, etc.

(2) The outcomes of habits can be predicted in advance. Predictability makes the right habits better than asking a genie to grant a wish. If you save money regularly, your savings will grow and you will be better prepared for both opportunities and emergencies. If you read regularly, your mind will grow. If you walk regularly, your health will improve. Choosing the right habits gives anyone and everyone more control over their future.

(3) Habits can last and empower for a lifetime on auto pilot. Automatic savings, investment, and retirement plans are a fantastic examples of this concept.

To maximize the benefits of behaviors like saving money, they must be practiced repeatedly. They need to become habits. That is where the big payoffs are.

Three great ways to teach kids about positive habits are to: (i) role model the desired behavior yourself (ii) bring positive attention to the word “habit.” Use the word habit regularly and positively in conversation. Read books and listen to music that emphasize positive habits. Create and position visual reminders about positive habits in easy to observe places (iii) praise positive habits orally and in writing when they are practiced.

Great habits, including money habits, give all kids a better future. Great habits, including money habits, give all kids a better chance of making big dreams come true. If kids develop the habit and condition their minds to make great choices with their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, there is an excellent chance they will do the same with their one, five, ten, and hundred dollar plus decisions.

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About Sam X Renick
Sam X Renick is an award winning author, financial educator, and social entrepreneur. He is the founder of the It’s a Habit Company, Inc., and co creator of children storybook character, Sammy Rabbit. Sam and Sammy travel the world sharing songs and stories on great money and reading habits with kids and families.