How big are your dreams? How big are your kids dreams? Are you teaching  your kids to dream big and have high expectations?

DreamBig-CollectorCardIt is okay if you don’t know. But if you don’t, perhaps it is time to think about the question, especially with respect to your kids. Why? Almost everyone does better when they have something to aim for. Dreams and goals give us purpose.

Did  you know according to best selling author Brian Tracy the first secret of self made millionaires is they dream big dreams! See his column titled Are Your Dreams Big Enough. That might be exceptionally important to parents, particularly those who want their children to be self reliant and financially secure. As Henry Ford thinks, if you don’t believe it, it will be hard if not impossible to achieve it.

What Sammy Rabbit wants kids to know about big dreams is anyone can achieve them if they choose to practice the right habits. Great habits like saving money and reading don’t discriminate. They benefit anyone and everyone who chooses to practice them. That’s something else Sammy Rabbit wants kids to know – choices count.


It is one of the reasons we developed the song titled Make Your Choices Count!

My favorite verse in the song reads and sings:

Mild or hot, easy or not

Each and every day there are choices to make

From the food we eat to the friend we keep

How we use our time and how we use our dimes

I’ll make my choices count

So I’d like to encourage parents, teachers and youth educators to make a choice and see to it both you and your kids or students dream big. I think you will find it rewarding. If you have your doubts, check out this story and picture – Will Angel Become Next SpaceX Superstar Engineer?


If you need help getting the conversation going, check out Sammy’s 12 Steps to Make Big Dreams Come True. You will find them and lots of other excellent FREE resources in Sammy’s Dream Big Resource Center.


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