Parents, can you solve the ‘Big ‘Ol Dream’ clueless crossword puzzle?  What about your children?


How long will it take you or them to solve it? Give it a try. It is a fun activity to work on together. You can download ‘clueless’ crossword puzzle and other activities that will help teach your kids to dream big, establish great money habits and expand their vocabulary for FREE!

Here are three more steps you may want to take to enhance your learning experience.

1. Listen to the song and video ‘Big ‘Ol Dream.’  You will find four different video versions of the song online: (1) Karaoke (2) Lyric (3)  College Map (4) Picture with Sammy Rabbit’s 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True! Listen to one or listen to all four. You will be amazed at how seeing, hearing, and writing down the words help kids increase their vocabulary.

2. Review and read the lyrics to ‘Big ‘Ol Dream’ out loud together. Click on Dream Big Songs to find the lyrics to Big ‘Ol Dream.

3.  Review the definitions for the 10 keywords in the ‘Big ‘Ol Dream’ clueless crossword puzzle. Kids do not need to understand the meaning of the words in order to solve the puzzle, however, it will benefit them if they do.

You can have kids look up definitions in a dictionary, do an online search, or review Sammy definitions and activities. Sammy offers the following activities that provide definitions for key words associated with the song ‘Big ‘Ol Dream.’

Keyword and Definition Match Game

Keyword Dictionary and ‘Own the Word’ Worksheets