Here is a list of seven organizations and individuals who teach, advocate or support a “dream big” philosophy.

1. Webb Family Foundation 

Founder: Maynard Webb, Chairman Board of Directors Yahoo

Mantra: Every dream counts

Mission: Encourage young people, who have encountered significant obstacles, to dream big and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Reference: Wall Street Journal blog: Teach them to dream big

2. I.Am.Angel Foundation 

Founder: Will.I.Am, Musician, Philanthropist

Mantra: Transforming lives through education, inspiration and opportunity

Focus: “In order to rebuild America, we need to rebuild communities like Boyle Heights, by providing opportunities to those who dream big. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish.” – Will.I.Am

3. University of Arkansas Center for Community Engagement

Initiative: Dream B.I.G.

Information: Dream B.I.G. is a student led mentoring program at the University of Arkansas. The purpose of the program is to have college students inspire the big dreams of middle and high school students.

4. University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Business Administration 

Initiative: Dream Big Academy

Mantra: Develop. Risk. Empower. Achieve. Maximize. Build. Innovate. Grow.

Information: The DREAM BIG Academy provides diverse, upcoming high school seniors the opportunity to learn about the dynamic world of business and potential career opportunities. The academy emphasizes leadership, networking skills and success in the business world.

5. Bronx Children’s Museum

Initiative: Dream Big

Information: The Dream Big Program is a summer arts enrichment program and now an afterschool program with the goal to inspire children to dream big, work hard, follow their passions, and to become caretakers of their world.

6. The University of Phoenix and National Retail Federation

Initiative: Dream Big Scholarship

Information: The University of Phoenix works with the National Retail Federation to provide 20 full-tuition scholarships to people in the retail industry so they can advance their careers and dreams through education.

7. US Chamber of Commerce

Initiative: Dream Big Award for Small Business

Information: The DREAM BIG Small Business of the Year Award celebrates the success of small business and honors its contributions to America’s economic growth.

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