Saving money makes us strong! It is one of the key phrases in the song titled “S-A-V-E!” S-A-V-E is song number five of twelve in Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Song Collection.


The phrase was developed by children’s author, social entrepreneur and financial educator, Sam X Renick who wrote the hand clapping gospel style tune. Renick feels the phrase is so important to developing an asset building mindset, he frequently has children recite the words out loud at his appearances. He has also developed a variety of simple strategies and resources parents, teachers, and trainers can use to teach the great money habit concept to children.

So what does the lyric line and mantra mean and how does “saving make us strong”? Here are three ways getting in the habit of saving money makes us strong.

1. Saving money protects us. It offers us security by having us better prepared to address emergencies.

2. Saving money better positions us to take advantage of opportunities and to make big dreams come true.

3. Saving money provides us more freedom and independence.

Here are some of the strategies Renick uses to teach and reinforce the concept effectively with financial education learners.

Music and videos. This music lyric video was developed for Renick and the “It’s a Habit” Sammy Rabbit team by DePaul animation student Gavin Wright. It provides children the opportunity to both hear and see words.

Stickers, call and respond, and reading lyrics out loud. These techniques help kids interact with the words and message.


Interactive skits. Skits are an excellent technique for helping students remember the message while having fun.


Coloring, arts and crafts. These activities also create interaction and help learners deepen their connection with the message.


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